Stop Hurting Yourself at the Driving Range! Get the Right Golf Mat

Ever went to the range and felt like the mat is killing your hands? That’s caused by the traditional golf mats that don’t absorb shock or vibration. This causes a lot of drawbacks on your practice because you can’t hit down and through the ball as taught by most golf swing trainers. It isn’t realistic to the fairway so you can’t simulate the same swings on a golf course. Because the traditional mats are hard and doesn’t absorb shock during impact, the club easily bounces off the mat which causes a lot of stress on the hands, wrists, and shoulders. Now with new technology, there are better golf training aid mats to help you improve and prevent injury. Here are a few that I suggest.

The Golf Mats

The Golf Mats, uses “Virtual Turf” technology that is able to simulate actual divots without creating shock and stress to your hands and arms. This means that you can swing down and through the ball as you would on an actual golf course. The mat is made by having springs that will depress and absorb shock during impact. I can’t say that this will feel exactly the same as a real fairway, but I guarantee it will feel much better than the traditional mats. You will immediately notice that the shock and vibration taken by your hands and arms during impact is significantly reduced. This kind of golf training aid will definitely improve your game and also get rid of the discomfort you feel at the usual driving ranges.

True Strike

This golf mat is made to accurately replicate shots on a real fairway. As what new golf mats should do, True Strike absorbs the shock and vibration that is transmitted to your arms, minimizing the injuries that can be caused when using a traditional golf mat. What makes True Strike different from “The Golf Mat” is the technology used. Instead of having springs that depress during impact, True Strike is made from silicone gel base. This material allows the surface to deform during impact and quickly return to its original state, like a real fairway. This golf mat is definitely a revolutionary approach to new golf training aid technology. You’ll definitely be able to improve your game practicing on a golf mat like this.

Improve Your Golf Driving Game with a Golf Net

Driving is one of the most important elements of your golf game. It’s how you start every round and every hole, and the quality of your driving impacts the rest of your game. Will you lay up nicely for a birdie, or will you be chasing your drives into the rough? Every golfer needs to spend time practicing their game, that’s why they invented driving ranges. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a driving range in your back yard? Well, golf nets can allow you to practice your driving game in the convenience of your own back yard. Let’s look at some different aspects of driving the ball that you can practice with a golf net so that the next time you go to the links you will strike the ball with power and precision. The approach or the setup precedes the stance and is crucial to the swing. This element is controlled by your judgment.

Your feet and shoulders should be in line with the desired path of the ball (unless playing a draw or fade). By laying a club at your feet you can see the direction of your line. An instructor or golfing buddy can also correct the lineup on your approach. Generally speaking, the ball should be forward in your stance (close to your lead foot). Your knees should be slightly bent, and good footing helps ensure stability for the swing. While the eyes should always remain on the ball during the shot, the chin should be raised to allow for the shoulder to rotate through the shot. This is the most intellectual element of the swing, so take time to check your line, footing and other parts of your approach. You don’t want to waste a perfectly executed swing on bad preparation.

Now let’s check your stance. Your stance should change depending on the kind of shot you are making (drive, iron, chip, putt) and any number of variations you might desire to perform (draw, fade, distance, etc.). Because you need extra power and stability for the drive, you should spread your legs just wider than shoulder length. Tiger Woods makes this comment in his book How I Play Golf, “When I plan to go all out with the driver, I spread my feet even wider than normal. That gives me a firmer base so I won’t lose my balance” (Woods 161). [1] Finally, make sure you have a good grip on the club. Different golfers will try different grip methods, but it’s important that your grip is firm because you need to have absolute control over the club-head through the swing in order to make solid impact. Other available golf accessories are available in this link Golf Mats.